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Our history

Tecnotubi was founded in 1988 and has been following in the footsteps of the founder, Giovanni Pauletto, for the last 34 years. The company is specialised in the design and production of Light Alloy, High-Strength Steel and Titanium frames. It has 30 employees who work in a 3000 square metre plant.

Activities and products

The company makes industrial frames and finished products for the First Aid, Hospitals, Rehabilitation, Design Furniture, Naval, Railways, Agricultural Machinery, Heating, Motorsport and Light Aircraft sectors.

In Tecnotubi there are the following departments: Co-Design, Design, Product Prototyping and Engineering as well as an MRP, MPS and Product Traceability office.

The production departments have:

  • Fibre laser cutting machine with Industry 4.0 interconnection.
  • Full electric 10-axis tube bending machinediam. 55 x 2.5 with Industry 4.0 interconnection.
  • 3-axis tube bending machine diam. 42x2.5
  • 5-axis CNC machining centre with Industry 4.0 interconnection.
  • 4-axis CNC machining centre.
  • Double-head CNC cutting-off machine with Industry 4.0 interconnection.
  • 20 to 150 ton moulding presses.
  • Steel, Aluminium and Titanium manual TIG and MIG welding.
  • TPSI/CMT robotic welding.
  • Four ovens for the Heat Treatment of aluminium.
  • Micro percussion marker.
  • Three assembly lines.
  • Steel, Aluminium, Wood and Plastic Robotic Gluing Island.
  • Tecnotubi’s logistics department manages the warehouse and the product Delivery service.

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