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CNC Milling - 5-Axis Machining Centre - AXEL 5

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For mechanical machining of aluminium profiles and semi-finished products. Small components can be made with bar work machining.

The Industry 4.0 interconnection of the machine offers maximum technical and economic performances, optimising the production process.

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5-Axis Machining Centre

Logo Industria 4.0

The AXEL 5, 5-axis machining centre with Industry 4.0 interconnection was designed for the mechanical milling and perforating of aluminium, steel, iron, titanium, brass, copper and plastic profiles and semi-finished products.

Automatic recognition of profiles and machining from 3D files makes the programming highly intuitive and rapid, with the possibility of making small or large modifications directly on board the machine.

The movable clamps controlled by numerical control can perform machining in step-step mode, processing and cutting the finished piece directly from the bar to minimise scrap and in “cut and separate” mode, optimising the operator’s time.

Axes stroke:

X Axis: Longitudinal stroke 7925 mm

Y Axis: Transversal stroke 1319 mm

Z Axis: Vertical stroke 775 mm

C Axis: Electrospindle rotation -10°/+370°

D Axis: Electrospindle rotation - 10°/+190°

Work capacity:

X Axis: Longitudinal 7925 mm

Y Axis: Work capacity with electrospindle at 90°: 583 mm

Y Axis: Work capacity with electrospindle at 0°/ 90°/ 180°: 454 mm

Z Axis: Vertical work capacity: 360 mm

Rapid traverse rate:

X Axis: 85 m/min

Y Axis: 75 m/min

Z Axis: 40 m/min

C Axis: 170 °/sec 

D Axis: 170 °/sec

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