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LT Fiber Lasertube

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LT Fiber Lasertube, fiber laser cutting machine for tubular profiles allows us to work any type of metal in a wide range of profiles.

The machine’s Industry 4.0 interconnection offers maximum technical and economic performances, optimising the production process

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LT Fiber Lasertube

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Tecnotubi has long-standing experience and specific know-how of Enterprise 4.0 laser cutting of aluminium, steel, titanium, iron, brass and copper tubes and profiles and can laser-cut tubes from a minimum diameter of 12 mm to a maximum diameter of 152 mm.

Tecnotubi is synonymous with state-of-the-art tube laser cutting with the possibility of making profiles of different shapes such as round, square, elliptical, rectangular, oval and complex workings such as grooving, interlocks, holes, slots, inclined cuts and perpendicular cuts. Different technologies for different results

Minimum length of bar: 3200 mm

Maximum length of bar: 6500 mm

Maximum weight of linear bar: 15 kg/m

Total maximum weight of bar: 100 kg

Minimum size of bar (Ø or side): 12 mm

Maximum size of bar (Ø or side): 150 mm

Maximum diameter of circumscribed circle: 170 mm

Minimum difference between the sides (rectangle): 5 mm

Maximum difference between the sides (rectangle): 110 mm

Maximum load capacity of feeding cradle: 4000 kg

Minimum scrap (bar end): 200 mm

Maximum length of finished product: 4500 mm

Maximum machinable thickness:

Plain steel: 8 mm

Stainless steel: 5 mm

Aluminium: 5 mm

Copper: 3 mm

Brass: 5 mm

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