Tecnotubi has a constant temperature and humidity controlled Metrology Lab that allows precision control of the measurements. The 3D scanner (connected to the Industry 4.0 network) also allows you to operate in reverse engineering activities, routinely used by Tecnotubi.

The company has the following measuring tools:

  • 3D Measuring Arm with Laserscan for accurate dimensional controls and reverse engineering
  • Microscope for weld inspection
  • Hardness tester for Brinell tests
  • Granite surface plates with calibration certificate I.S.M.P-Reference Standards
  • Digital feeler gauge
  • Crack detection system using penetrating liquids (non-destructive tests)


Metrology Lab equipped with:

  • Granite surface plates certified in accordance with I.S.M.P. standards
  • Measuring Arm with 3D scanner with Laserscan for accurate dimensional checks and reverse engineering complete with results analyses and reporting software.
  • Hardness tester for measuring the Brinell hardness of aluminium
  • Hood for chemical analysis of the welds (evidence of penetration)
  • Microscope for measuring the weld section
  • Digital thickness gauge for measuring the thicknesses of the finishes (coating)
  • 25 kg, 220 kg and 2000 kg digital dynamometers used for structural load testing
  • System for crack detection system using fluorescent penetrating liquids (non-destructive tests)

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